Green Eyed Girl Charters


Reef Fishing

If you’re interested in catching a variety of different species of snapper and grouper, then reef fishing is probably the best option. Anchoring and chumming with frozen block chum is the best way to target fish in these areas.

This is our favorite type of fishing. Reef fishing is always enjoyed by families. You not only have the opportunity to catch dinner, but there is a variety of different species that you can encounter.

Wreck Fishing

 Kingfish, amberjack, mutton snapper, grouper, permit, cobia, and african pompano can be found in wrecks from 110′ to 300’’ feet or so. Fishing wrecks can be done in several ways. Anchoring is a great way to fish these structures when water depths and weather conditions permit. They can also be targeted by drifting over them or power drifting baits near the bottom with live bait or a chunk of fresh bait. Artificial baits such as jigs can also be very productive.

Live Bait and Kite Fishing

If you love the sport of fishing, you should definitely try your hand at live bait kite fishing.  Unlike other methods, this one will often allow you to see your target species actually pursuing the bait. Sailfish and dolphin light up with excitement as they track your live bait suspended on the surface. Skyrocketing king fish and surface busting tunas add to the excitement.  It can truly be a heart stopping, heart pounding experience.

Offshore Fishing

When you think of offshore fishing; a big sport fish trolling baits, on big heavy rods usually comes to mind. On the Green Eyed Girl we don’t like doing it the conventional way. When weather permits, we like to use a technique called “Run and Gun”. We’ll cruise out to the Gulf Stream and essentially hunt for our targeted species. They, usually being in the form of  dolphin “mahi-mahi”. Once we locate them, we use live, dead and artificial baits with great success. We also fish the numerous “Humps or Seamounts” for blackfin tunas, wahoo, amberjacks, and giant sharks.